Why I joined: the NanoNote

Alexander Stephen Thomas Ross maillist_qi-hardware at aross.me
Mon Apr 20 01:49:59 UTC 2015

ha, didn't see pauls reply before i posted mine :).

oh yea, for something simular to the nano note, ive got a zipit z2. but
for wifi its running a 100% free software system after installing uboot
and using openwrt but for any blobs in the kernel for the zipits builtin
wifi other wise other culprits are firmware,drivers for things like usb

loving usb host. ive leant that not all usb 2.0 devices support a
fallback 1.1 mode. ;) I got too used to seeing flash drive packaging
saying backwards completable, i thought backwards completable was the
norm! i made a big fact addon pack for it. with a big fat battery (life)
and a powered usb hub for using the zipit as a audio recorder with a usb
1.1 mic.

i still use my nn note though. one thing is the nn does have a really
nice keyboard but for lacking a backlight.

the zipits keyboard is fairly good and with time i expect it to soften.
some zipits have a problem of faulty keyboard. my left arrow key was
getting unreliable. after dissemble and lifting the keymat off and then
putting it back on and reassembled that seams to have fixed it since.
on the zipit, sdl has a annoying bug that means you cant enable sticky
keys (the sticky alt bug) if you want to use sdl apps like the menu :(.
needs a workaround or a fix :).

red it a preferable keyboard backlight has it would help me to go to
sleep instead of blue light, which helps to wake me up! hmm what about a
funky purple keyboard backlight?

oh and the nano note has a great little & loud speaker, the zipits one
is on the poor side, works well @ 5000hz for a beep/alarm though :D.

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