Anelok: saving more power (1/2)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Apr 30 18:57:24 UTC 2015

Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> like in a hand watch : never for several years.

One more thought: if a battery has to be changed very infrequently,
the annoyance experienced at that time is considerably greater than
when the whole process is routine.

Watch batteries also have the added inconvenience that it's often
difficult to replace them, you risk damaging your watch, and you
often have to go to a specialized store to even find that battery.

I think a closer everyday item to use for comparison would be a
wireless mouse. As far as their power supply is concerned, mice come
in three kinds:

- wired, power comes over the cable,
- rechargeable battery, usually not replaceable,
- one or two AA maybe AAA cells.

The rechargeable ones seem very nice, but once the battery dies, you
have little choice but to throw it away, even if the rest of the
mouse is still in good condition.

The ones with AA cells used to run for a couple of months on a cell,
but modern ones should last a little longer. Having the mouse run
out of battery is of course annoying the first few times, because
Murphy will have made sure that you used all your spare batteries at
the time, or just can't find them, and it's the night before a major
public holiday with absolutely everything closed.

But after a few replacements, you'll learn to prepare. So you just
keep a pack of batteries at the desk, only for the mouse. The whole
thing becomes routine, especially because it happens relatively

Unlike a most wireless mice, Anelok also has the option of going to
USB power if all else fails.

- Werner

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