Anelok: updated diagrams: block, security, "X-ray" view

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Aug 6 07:08:00 UTC 2015

I'm updating some of the Anelok presentation material for CCCamp2015.
Done so far:

- block diagram:

  Interactive version:

- basic security model:

- annotated CAD ("X-ray") view:

If you find any bugs, please holler.

I plan to have a collection of diagrams to use for informal
presentations at the Neo village. I'll also have a lightning talk
(5 minutes) where I'll use some of the diagrams.

The lightning talk is currently scheduled for Saturday August 15,
16:30, but I've asked to have it moved to a later slot since I'll
have a full-length talk on Neo900 at 15:00 and I'd prefer to have
a bit more buffer between the two. I'll post when I know the final

- Werner

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