Anelok: Passfort

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Aug 21 07:39:26 UTC 2015

Nick also spotted this new competitor of Anelok, called Passfort,
and found it "eerily similar":

Let's compare:

Feature			Passfort		Anelok
-----------------------	-----------------------	-----------------
Openness		Closed			Open
Display			1.44" color		1.3" monochrome
Input			Touch screen		Slider
Storage			Internal		uSD
Wired connectivity	USB 2.0			USB 2.0, Full-speed
Wireless connectivity	BT 4.0			BTLE
Rfkill			?			Hardware
Power source		Rechargeable cell	Replaceable AAA
Battery life		7 days / charge (*)	~5 months (*)
Form factor		Keychain		Lighter
Size (bounding box)	47 x 38 x 14 mm		52 x 45 x 14 mm
Price			USD 59			TBD, < USD 100

(*) Passfort battery life is based on 15 daily accesses "via
    Bluetooth" while Anelok estimates are based on 5 daily
    (human) interactions of 1 minute each.

They also seem to have most of the software functionality planned
for Anelok working, such as browser integration, password
generation, etc.

So it's indeed very similar, and they have an existing team, a
fairly good-looking prototype, and also financing - plenty of
things to be envious of. Kickstarter interest seems to have waned
a bit, but they still have plenty of time:

Their responses to comments also look very good. Keys and display
ought not to go together too well, though. But who knows.

Does this obsolete Anelok ? Not quite yet. But given that the
biggest differentiator, openness, is not a selling argument, it
probably does affect Anelok's potential market size.

Anyway, it's nice to see something think about the right lines
for such a product.

- Werner

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