Anelok: save the slider !

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Aug 23 02:07:27 UTC 2015

Anelok's capacitive slider has made a terrible mistake - it has
caused embarrassment for its boss. Worse yet, the slider gives
no sign of accepting the blame and removing itself gracefully.
If Werner has learned anything from his work in China, it is
that such a transgression must not go unpunished.

Will the slider be destroyed by Werner's just anger ? He already
added button shortcuts (cursor up, left, and down, or the
corresponding vi cursor keys, for top, middle, and bottom "soft"
button) to the simulator ... and kinda likes the result.

Time is running out for the slider ! Only you can save it !

The following quests await the champion who rushes to the
slider's aid:

- locate the Gloves of Fumbling [cursed], understand how they
  were supposed to work, and discover the source of their
  (hint: fw/2014/touch.c)

- cleverly devise a way to remove the curse;

- implement and test your solution; (*)

- send your code to the Dark Oracle (Werner, wearing another of
  his many faces), have its fitness judged, and have it stand
  trial on Werner's devices.

- if necessary, repeat some of the above quests and use the EXP
  you gained to reach a higher score.

(*) Courtesy of Xiangfu, a small number of caseless [1] and
    pre-rework [2] prototypes of the CR2032 design are available.
    If demand should exceed supply, a beauty contest will be held.



In case you have not trained the skills needed to fulfill this quest,
consider using Word of Mouth to summon a suitable paladin.

- Werner

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