Anelok: the art of window-making

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Feb 1 00:52:15 UTC 2015

Dave Ball wrote:
> Would another option be to paint part-way through the milling?

Yes and no. Yes, because if can be done in principle. No, because
positioning would be painful. Plus, there are some other issues.

> I.e.
> make the front case without the screen depression, paint and dry,
> then cut away the extra mm or so that the screen fits into?

One problem with this would be that the window needs a lot of
polishing before it becomes transparent. I have another ~100
not-yet-published pictures on polishing alone. The steps are:

1) even out any coarse steps left from machining with fine sandpaper,
2) polish with Dremel and Jeweler's Red Rouge (polishing paste),
3) remove Rouge residues with a brush and kitchen cleaner.

This process is not very precise in terms of what gets polished and
is almost guaranteed to damage any paint that's in the area.

There would also be the issue that my mill doesn't maintain height
very well, so I would have to add some extra thickness just to avoid
cutting into or through the case's ceiling.

> This is a really great project! (not that there was ever any doubt!)

Thanks ! :)

- Werner

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