Anelok: the art of window-making

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Feb 1 01:57:55 UTC 2015

hellekin wrote:
> I was thinking, maybe you could use some silicon instead of tape, so
> that it would keep liquid from creeping through.

You mean the kind used for sealing things ? May be tricky to get
that one off again :)

> Or some paste of the
> blue-tak style that you would put in place with the (inverted) mask,

A putty, like this ?

That looks interesting. If it's soft enough, that may indeed be an
option. There are probably plenty of variations of the theme at
hardware stores or art supply shops. They love it when I come
looking for some odd stuff, ignorant of the correct Spanish word
for it - let alone the local slang term, describing it from first
principles ;-)

> BTW, it would be nice to start going through the mailing list archive
> and make a blog of the experiments from the beginning.  The fund-raising
> campaign would be better for it.

Yes, I think blogerizing things from the list would be a good idea.

I also have all the original images, i.e., in higher resolution
(most of the ones I post are reduced to 25%) and without editing
(I usually crop, adjust the color curve, and then scale. Sometimes
I also rotate them.)

The more recent ones (since about January 30, 2014) have an image
comment (identify -verbose whatever.jpg | grep comment:  or simply
strings -12 whatever.jpg | grep 'From ')
with the name of the original. Unfortunately, I didn't think of
doing this earlier, so the older ones would be more difficult to
associate. Maybe the Exif date would help in these cases.

What might also be nice to have is a graphical timeline showing the
evolution of the project, with the first "brainless" board, the
design with wheel, Y-Box, etc.

> I'm going to make a campaign for a
> device soon.
>  Will be happy to pay you a visit and have a chat.

Heh, your surveillance cams must have spotted me filling the fridge
with beer ;-) Let's coordinate on IRC.

- Werner

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