Anelok: rework plan, battery update, left-shift, Anelok in China

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Feb 16 18:43:22 UTC 2015

Ron K. Jeffries wrote:
> It's not clear to me whether the test is running with anelok in active
> state (doing something, eg waiting for input), or is the device just
> resting, waiting to be awakened?

No, there's no Anelok in this. It's just the battery and a 15 kOhm
resistor. The purpose of the test is to determine how this somewhat
old (5real-life battery performs compared to what I found in data
sheets. Specifically, the nice diagram on the first page of

E.g., if I should see that this battery only lasts for half the
time, then I wouldn't have to worry if experiment with Anelok also
show a comparably short run time.

The experiment so far has already established that the battery does
not have any catastrophic defect, which is one of the things I
initially suspected.

The observed output voltage is about 50 mV below what I would have
expected from the data sheet, which may mean that the battery
behaves as if it was about 200 hours further into the experiment
than it really is (taking into account aging and nominal capacity).
That's unexpected. But it's still too early to draw conclusions.
Things will get more interesting when the battery enters its final
steep decline.

> What do you DESIRE (hope for, dream of...) as
> number-of-months-between-battery-replacement-if-password-lookup-20-times-per-day?

Ah, this question sounds familiar :) The answer is still the same,
about two months:

- Werner

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