Anelok: commit statistics

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jan 1 13:22:13 UTC 2015

New year, new statistics: these were the busiest top-level items in
the anelok/anelok repo, counting from the first commit in September

315 fw		Firmware for Anlok and Y-Box
161 hw		Anelok hardware design files
 98 swdlib	ARM in-circuit programming (1)
 68 web Web page
 58 doc		Documentation, diagrams, etc.
 51 BOOKSHELF	Endless shelves full of musty data sheets and manual
 38 TODO	Monument to procrastination
 36 case	Anelok case design (2)
 29 sim		The Anelok simulator
 22 bom		Generation of priced BOM

(1) The directory was renamed from libswd to swdlib. swdlib alone had
    46 commits, libswd another 52. I combined the two.

(2) I started a new case design for Anelok 2014 (now that suddenly
    sounds really old) in me/, which has 8 commits. "case" alone had
    28. I combined both, since both are really about the same task.

Note that these counts are of commits affecting anything in a
directory hierarchy. If a commit changed 100 files, that still counts
as one.

Speaking of files, these were the busiest ones:

100 fw/Makefile
 90 hw/anelok.kicad_pcb
 87 fw/2014/main.c (1)
 53 hw/anelok.sch
 51 hw/power.sch
 42 swdlib/klben.c (2)
 38 TODO
 34 hw/rf.sch
 32 hw/memcard.sch
 30 web/dwg/dwg.fig

(1) 49 as fw/main.c, 11 as fw/anelok-2014.c, and another 27 as
(2) 20 as libswd/ben.c and 22 as swdlib/klben.c

I'm thinking of sending the web/ hierarchy to a separate repo since
it's only loosely connected to the rest and also differs in terms of
operational considerations.

And one of these days I'll also have to clean up case/ vs. me/ ...

Happy 2015 !

- Werner

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