Anelok: opening the bike shed !

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jan 3 15:04:31 UTC 2015

Some lighter entertainment for a change. I was getting bored with the
IBM PC charm of the Anelok title banner written in a 20x10 font, so I
doodled a new one:


Now, what I have done could hardly be considered the height of
artistic achievement. Anyone care to do better ? :)


- for each pixel, there is twice the number of color choices of a
  Ford Model T, i.e., the time-proven black and a daring new white.
  Isn't it amazing how far technology has come in just a century ?

- the size shall not exceed 128 x 64 pixels.

- the number of white pixels (black in the .xbm file) shouldn't be
  excessive, preferably less than 50% per line.

A style variant I was thinking of is to have large letters that each
fade from mostly black to all or mostly white from left to right, and
move them such that they overlap a little. I didn't have the patience
to do the dithering, though.

- Werner

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