Anelok: Flippin'

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jan 12 20:33:55 UTC 2015

And here's another one:

Again, .mpeg is better and Mplayer may dislike the .ogg.

00:02	Title
00:06	Anelok showing the list of accounts
00:08	Activation of the Setup (1) menu
00:12	Swap right / left handedness (2)
00:14	Rotate the device and use with the left hand
00:18	Return to the list of accounts
00:23	The end

(1) The menu shown has two global actions in it. In a more
    user-friendly UI, handedness may be selected elsewhere, and
    we'd have operations directly related to accounts in this menu.

(2) Note that the following things change:
    - display content orientation, and
    - slider orientation.

    What doesn't change is the position of the icon bar and the
    (horizontal) position of the little (vertical) position
    marker. Not sure if I should move them. Pro: they'd be
    closer to the slider, which makes sense. Contra: they may
    clutter up the left edge of the main display area.

By the way, all this also works in the simulator.

- Werner

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