Anelok: The slide

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Jan 12 21:04:45 UTC 2015

On Monday 12. January 2015 20.16.54 Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Unfortunately this didn't make it in time for the Golden Globe,
> but you may like it anyway:
> (The MPEG version is better quality. Mplayer doesn't seem to like
> the .ogg version at all, but it plays fine with VLC. Encoding is
> a bit bumpy today.)

Firefox/Iceweasel seems to show the .ogg version just fine.

> Plot summary:
> 00:00	Opening title
> 00:04	Activation of Anelok
> 00:07	Unlock sequence
> 00:14	List of accounts
> 00:15	Tapping "up" to go up in the list, one entry per tap
> 00:18	Tapping "down" to go up in the list, one entry per tap
> 00:20	Slide to scroll with pixel resolution
> 00:24	The end

I like the availability of both tapping and sliding, the former being useful 
when the latter starts to get impractical (perhaps due to an excess of 
credentials to manage).


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