Anelok: fully dressed

Werner Almesberger werner at
Fri Jan 30 23:57:05 UTC 2015

Rafael Ignacio Zurita wrote:
> Ah, but that is why I wrote "I would buy one JUST because it looks
> nice". I would buy another one because you designed/developed/etc it
> ;)

That's better :-)

> I asked becaue I am going to try
> some paint in a wood case for my criter android tv idea.

I'm far from being an expert of woodworking, but I think you may also
need to apply primer. Also, a water-based paint is probably just as
good in this case as the thinner-based paint I use for my acrylic.

Meanwhile, I had a look at what could be the problem with the boost
converter. Well, it seems that I found it ...

These two are operating from the same 2.8 V supply. The one at the
bottom has the firmware that exhibits the problem, while the other,
erm, doesn't use the boost converter just for decorative purposes
but actually turns it on ...

With the boost converter on, I can go as low as 2.3 V and things
still work more or less. At 2.2 V, there are a lot of errors during
display updates, probably because logic levels are way out of spec at
that point.

What's puzzling is that the OLED worked at all. I have a FET in there
that should cut off OLED power, and it should (by software) be turned
on only when also the boost converter is enabled.

Ah well, designing a working circuit is easy. Finding out why it
works, on the other hand, ...

- Werner

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