Anelok: fully dressed

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jan 31 11:16:01 UTC 2015

Cristian Paul Peñaranda Rojas wrote:
> Sell me teo !! ;-) Nice looking case

Thanks :) We're getting close to the point where the design is mature
enough to move to making "public" prototypes. The last major thing
that needs testing is operation on battery power. If that works for,
say, 1 hour of continuous activity, then I think we're good to

The next steps will be to
1) create an organizational structure that can do business, handle
   money, and also perform at least basic logistics,
2) do a fundraiser for such a beta-test production run - I'm thinking
   of a mix of crowdfunding and crowdinvesting there,
3) develop the missing bits and pieces (e.g., the test fixture),
4) define and execute the production run.

Following the discovery of suitable Y-cables (alas, the samples
Xiangfu and Changchang sent me didn't make it past customs :-( ), I
think we no longer need to consider making a Y-Box. But it may be a
good idea to then make each "beta" pack consist of two Aneloks.

First of all, to have a backup in case problems develop, and second
to have a peer for RF, since development of an interoperable BTLE
solution is likely to take a while and I wouldn't want this to become
a blocker.

- Werner

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