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What does "T5" refer to?

Ron K. Jeffries

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> Designing that case is tedious work, but I'm beginning to feel that
> I'm getting somewhere. But first, there's something important that
> needs proper consideration: screws.
> When looking for small screws, it's surprisingly difficult to find
> detailed specifications. While Alibaba and friends are full of
> offers of little Torx screws for iPhones (NB: Apple nowadays uses
> pentalobe screws), Blackberry, etc., there's hardly a shop that
> actually provides a specific geometry.
> In general, it seems that Torx T5 is a good compromise between size
> and availability. I.e., most of the screws used in mobile phones
> seem to have a T5 drive.
> So, what's the typical T5 screw like ? The answer is that there is
> none. Drive (slotted, Phillips, Torx, ...), head shape (cylindrical,
> conical, round, and all sorts of fancy variations), thread, and
> length, while all being related to each other, can appear in many
> combinations.
> Eventually, I found a combination that appears in several places:
> Torx T5 drive with a M1.6 thread. The smallest head for this type
> of screw seems to have a diameter of 3.0 mm and a height of
> 1.2 mm - small enough for Anelok.
> This leaves the length. I found a lot of useful information in the
> flyer for EJOT DELTA PT screws:
> So for M1.6, we can have a length from 3.5 mm to 16.0 mm.
> Next: the design so far.
> - Werner
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