Anelok: case design (2/3): interim result

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Sat Jul 11 15:20:28 UTC 2015


> The case design I have so far looks like this:

It's looking good!  I printed the stls and that seems to work.  As expected,
they need a bit of cleanup before they fit together.  I didn't have M1.6
screws, so drilled out the holes and used M2, but I didn't do that exactly
right, so it doesn't look as good as it should.

I forgot to take it home with me, so I'll send photos after the weekend.  Or if
you have a new design before then, I can print a new one. ;-)

> The FreeCAD Python script that generates everything is here:

I've looked a bit a FreeCAD, but couldn't find how to generate a model from a
Python script.  What is the procedure to do that?

> - the barrels in the bottom half only attach to the battery bay
>   but not to the bottom face. This is not completely wrong (i.e.,
>   with stiff enough plastic and a good 3D printer, this ought to
>   work), but might be inconvenient to manufacture.

For printing, this doesn't seem to be a big problem.  Of course it is better if
it extends to the horizontal plane.

> I'm having second thoughts about horizontal placement of the screws.
> Now that I know that relatively short threads are available, it may
> be better to design with that in mind, and make the screws
> perpendicular to the bottom face. Near the battery, we have about
> 7 mm between the outer surface of the bottom half and the bottom
> side of the PCB. A 5.0 mm screw (thread length) should therefore
> fit nicely.

That would probably be an improvement.  I would also like it to have bigger
screws, if that is possible.  M3 would be best, M2 is also an option.  The
reason is that those are more easily found in stores, and normal tools work on


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