Anelok: case design (2/3): interim result

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jul 11 16:30:49 UTC 2015

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> It's looking good!  I printed the stls and that seems to work.

Wheee ! :-)

> As expected,
> they need a bit of cleanup before they fit together.

So did you get it to fit ? How long did the printing take ?

> Or if
> you have a new design before then, I can print a new one. ;-)

I hear you :-) I already found a small bug (one of the lug holes
is too close to the lanyard, making the wall there very thin).

> but couldn't find how to generate a model from a
> Python script.  What is the procedure to do that?

In FreeCAD's Python console, run
import case

To update, after making changes to, run

My aging Q6600 takes about a minute to do the calculations.

Important: the maximum deviation shouldn't be too demanding. I
used 0.1%. To change this global (!) setting, you first have to
select the "Part Design" workbench. Then it is hidden in
Edit > Preferences > Part Design > Shape View > Maximum deviation

Another small trap: since all this runs in the same interpreter,
variables survive a reload. E.g., if you have a variable called
"foo" and you rename it to "bar", but overlook it in one place,
the script will still reload without a complaint, using the old
"foo". It will only fail once you import in a fresh session ...

> For printing, this doesn't seem to be a big problem.  Of course it is
> better if
> it extends to the horizontal plane.

Yes, I was thinking of milling or injection molding, where
complicated undercuts are generally bad news. I should probably
also "verticalize" the lanyard hole.

> I would also like it to have bigger
> screws, if that is possible.  M3 would be best, M2 is also an option.

Hmm, M3 is probably too big, but M2 may work. T6-M2 seems to be a
very common combination.

- Werner

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