Anelok: case design (2/3): interim result

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Jul 12 00:26:45 UTC 2015

Dave Ball wrote:
> Definitely looking forward to some photos :-)

Me too ! :-)

> Is the Polycarbonate glass just slotted into the front, or will it
> need to be glued?

The idea is to have a flat sheet that is glued in permanently.
Holding it mechanically would either require a bezel (ugly and
eats precious vertical millimeters) or shaping of the
polycarbonate in the Z direction.

The latter would then bring back the problem of not being able
to paint / print on the whole surface (see below).

Gluing in the glass currently means that the sub-PCB (slider and
LED) is "trapped", but that should be fixable.

> I think I can see lugs that stop it being pushed
> back into the device?

Hmm no, there's just a rim of about 2 +/- 1 mm around OLED and
sub-PCB. The following screenshots show the case with and without

And here is the rim highlighted in white:

> Is the plan for this to be opaque over the slider?

Yes. I expect that one can print on the glass relatively easily,
so that would be ideal for making the mask that goes around the
visible area of the OLED panel and also to make the little window
for the indicator LED. No fancy paint jobs anymore ! ;-)

There's even a video that shows laser marking on clear polycarbonate:

Hmm, or maybe PET instead of polycarbonate:

- Werner

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