Anelok: revised case (WIP)

Bas Wijnen wijnen at
Mon Jul 13 21:15:31 UTC 2015


Ok, so here are some pictures.  This is the previous model:
And this is the current model:

Before cleanup is right after removing the parts from the platform.  You can
see some support material that needs to be removed.

The old case didn't fit well; I had to remove some material from all sides.  So
with the new one, I set my printer to extrude less material.  That solved that
problem; it fits very well with only minor cleanup on the tabs.

I didn't try to put screws in the old one, because the holes don't line up.  In
the new one I did, but I only had longer screws, so I destroyed the front with
them (but you can't see that on the pictures).

As you can see, the screw head is flush with the surface, which is very nice.


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