Anelok: business 2/4, production plan

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jul 16 21:28:27 UTC 2015

The first objective will be to finish development of the Anelok device
and to turn it into a product. This is a very high-level timeline of
the planned production process:

The phase 0 devices are boards made some time ago by Canaan. They
use the CR2032 design and have no case. They are available "now"
but are mainly aimed at R&D.

Phase 1 will be an AAA-based design. I hope that we can make them
relatively quickly once the company starts operating. These are
primarily intended for software developers. The underlying idea is to
grow the community and give more people a chance to actively
participate in the project.

Phase 2 will be for early adopters. These should be Anelok devices
one can actually use but they won't be as neat as the final product.
One major purpose of phase 2 is to find and eliminate issues (on all
fronts, not just hardware bugs) that would cause trouble when moving
to larger volumes.

Phase 3 is then the mass production of a hopefully perfect product.

The times between products are somewhat optimistic rough estimates
and will have to be updated once more details are settled.

One major source of such details is the financing, coming up next.

- Werner

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