Anelok: business 4/4, the poll

Werner Almesberger werner at
Thu Jul 16 21:48:09 UTC 2015

In order to have an idea of what we could expect, we'd now like to ask
you to indicate whether and how much money you or people you know would
be interested would consider putting into the Anelok project and company.

Based on this information, we will then develop a more detailed plan and
make a proper call for financing.

The options would be:

1) Donation. You give the project money without strings attached. This is
   the cleanest option for us, without significant tax or reporting
   burdens. You receive nothing in return, other than the warm glowing
   feeling of participating with an Open Hardware project.

   If all goes well, you will eventually be able to purchase Anelok
   products, just like anyone else. And you of course have access to
   all the information the project publishes, just like anyone else.

2) Co-founder. You buy initial stock and thus own part of the company.

   This stock will, if everything goes well and we're profitable, pay
   dividends, can be sold among shareholders, etc. It also entitles
   you to buy more stock later on.

   Please note that the names of founding shareholders will be on
   public record. Also, please bear in mind that we're still working
   on confirming whether we really can issue stock this way.

If the enterprise should fail, you're likely to get nothing in either
case, except for the experience.

Please indicate as many of the following options as apply to you:

  [ ]   I love Anelok! I'd be happy to donate (____________), even if
        you can give me nothing in return.
  [ ]   I love Anelok! I'd love to invest (____________), but only if
        I get a share of profits.
  [ ]   I love Anelok! I can't donate or invest, but would happily
        pay a premium for a rough-and-ready prototype.
  [ ]   I love Anelok! But I would only provide money in exchange
        for _____________________________________________________ .

This poll is to informally "test the waters". You can always change
your mind when we make the call for financing.

To reply to this poll, please send a mail to poll at

There you can also ask questions or comment in private. For anything that
can be discussed in public, please use the list.

- Werner

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