Anelok vs. CSS

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Jul 28 17:29:14 UTC 2015

Paul Boddie wrote:
> I usually give up and choose appropriate colours to cover up overlaps.

How would that work in this case ? Or do you mean a different design,
one that avoids contrasts anywhere near element boundaries ?

> Some people would start defining the 
> pixel coordinates of everything at this point.

At some point, a nice pre-rendered menu-<page_name>.png would
be a viable alternative ...

> Visibly lower meaning that it's not pushing up against the top
> of the page?

Yes. What I'd really want to have there is to have the top of
logo.png aligned with the top of the (visible *) text of "Personal
Password Safe". That ought to be rather simple. Yet, apparently,
it isn't.

* I.e., no phantom space for hypothetical accents on top of
  capitals, empty space that just has to be there because the
  anything else would be too horrible to contemplate, or

The shifting is just a hack because I couldn't get the [several
lines of expletives, none of them remotely safe for work] to

> They don't work at all on my Debian-supplied Chromium.

Ah, maybe that's the missing directory. Things used to live in
web/dwg/ but then I changed the point of reference to web/ and
added the directory prefix to images. Alas, I had forgotten it
in the preloading part, but it's fixed now.

It seems that you used the preloading references for constructing
your version of index.html. So if you still have that (and not the
now fully - I hope - updated scripts, the image accesses will fail.
Silently, of course, for this is the Web, and if something goes
wrong, we better don't talk about it :)

> Well, I've tried to simplify the definitions that are there, and
> things should be inherited or referenced appropriately.

Yes, for style elements that's great. But there's still a bunch of
stuff that has to be generated.

> But that may make understanding the result a bit more 
> difficult.

Just operate at the script level :)

- Werner

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