Anelok: new logo !

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun Jun 21 19:19:57 UTC 2015

A few weeks ago, I proudly showed my Anelok to Martin De Luca, a
designer friend of mine. He was duly impressed by all the technology
but hated the logo. So he made a new one.

I added a few tweaks to make it look good on the real hardware, and
here is the result, in simulator and "live":

I love the clean modern simplicity of the font and how cleverly he
added the padlock symbol. While the padlock was his own idea, I had
though of having that element, too, but could never figure out how
to do this nicely.

The concept has a few degrees of freedom. Below are a few slight
variations. First, the same design, this time black on white:

A slight variation: the E has its usual backbone:

- the lock is more centered, between "walls" on both sides,
- easier to read (due to familiarity),

- more boring (due to familiarity).

Another variation: this one makes lines and gaps the same width,
making them look a bit skinny, and it also fills the padlock, to
bring back some stockiness:

For the Web site and other uses of the logo with a color depth of
more than 1 bit per pixel, the outline could also be replaced with
solid grey, so that one can still spot the padlock but there would
be no thin lines.

How do you like it ?

- Werner

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