Anelok: new logo !

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Jun 22 17:55:41 UTC 2015

hellekin wrote:
> I tend to prefer diagonals for K though, but I guess pixelized diagonals
> may pull too much attention on the right.

The original font used there has right angles everywhere, so the K
was either unrecognizable (in one variant) or looked like a swastika
(in another one). So I toned this down without deviating too much
from the overall concept by introducing the 45 degree diagonal.

On that display, 45 degrees tend to work pretty well, but any other
angle is almost impossible to get right. For example, look at the
bold warning triangle in the 2nd row of

But as the little flash symbols at the bottom show, even 45 degrees
sometimes don't always look entirely right.

> P.S.: Note that the L and the O could make an interesting open lock as
> well, at the expense of legibility maybe.

Heh, indeed. But with the padlock jumping and twisting in the
process, I'm not sure that would be very intuitive, even if it
would be not too inaccurate a metaphor for what happens with all
the cryptography  :)

- Werner

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