Anelok: the end is near ! (3x)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Mar 14 01:02:45 UTC 2015

cristian paul peñaranda rojas wrote:
> Not github big fan, but you could consider bitbucket as they support
> git as well.

Hmm, "FREE FOR 5 USERS", and
clarifies that "Free private repositories are limited to 5 users".
That sounds rather confining.

> For the mcu, well... What alternatives you have un mind for the long term?

Once I've had earmarked for a long while already is the STM32
line. They're not as well-positioned with small QFN packages
as their Kinetis counterparts, but that could be solved by
going to BGA.

Another one I recently discovered is the Atmel SAM D21 line.
They look pretty similar to the Kinetis KL series, except that
they lack a USB voltage regulator (that kinda sucks) and the
security concept looks a bit odd (maybe I misunderstood some

There may be others, e.g, in the NXP LPC series.

In general, I consider it desirable to be able to quickly
switch chips. E.g, if some severe issue is found, if there is
a security problem, etc. So futher down the road, when the
project (hopefully) has more resources, I would want to have
multiple design variants in a state from which they could
quickly be turned into actual products.

- Werner

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