Anelok: a dummy case for AAA (1/2)

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat May 23 23:39:59 UTC 2015

I decided to give the YZ slices a try, to find out what the new form
factor would feel like. This is my mill, after making a mess:

This is what it produced, with the sawdust shaken off, not sanded:

After a bit of sanding, the slices already looked a lot more civilized:

These are the pieces I made:

The big hole is for the battery, the small holes are for 1/8" screws.
Some of the pieces on the left side also have larger partial holes
for the screw head or a nut. That way, I can use the screws I have at
home, which would be a bit too short to span the entire width. And it's
also neater if no parts of the screws protrude.

Here is a size check of the assembled package:

This is what it looks like compared to the CR2032 case design:

There is a fair bit of room for side walls and the battery contacts:

And it also feels like a natural match for single-handed operation:

- Werner

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