Anelok: refining the wedge

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat May 30 17:49:08 UTC 2015

I added a few internal components to the CAD drawing. This is
what the current design looks like:

The antenna gets all of the left side. I thickened the slider PCB
to 1.6 mm so that it can act as lateral stop for the OLED (1.45

I also added a board-to-board connector to firmly attach it to
the main PCB. (That should be the end of the flimsy wires going
from board to board, whose mysterious failure modes have been
giving me much joy lately.)

The LED moves from the main PCB to the top end of the slider PCB,
eliminating the need for a dodgy improvised light pipe. 

USB Micro B and memory card are mounted under the main PCB. The
switch goes above USB. That's not the nicest place for it, since
it may be difficult to reach if something is connected to USB,
but I like the idea of also using it as a support for the slider
board. We'll have to see how the idea pans out in real life.

The switch is also 1 mm from the PCB edge, so there would be
1.0 mm + 0.2 mm (gap) + 1.5 mm (wall) for adding a slider with a
proper knob.

That's all for now. I don't know yet whether this design would
actually fit, but some on-going experiments look encouraging.

A stupid question: does anyone on the list have a reasonably
accurate FDM 3D printer ? I.e., with feature sizes <= 500 um and
a positioning accuracy <= 100 um ? I'm curious whether prototypes
of this case could be 3D-printed, and pictures of a test run
could help me to see whether those printers are good enough for
such a task these days.

- Werner

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