Anelok: refining the wedge

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sun May 31 01:58:47 UTC 2015

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> Oh, I didn't know that was still on the table.  I had the impression
> that the touch sensor was working well.  Isn't it?

Ah, I didn't mean the touch slider. That one is working reasonably
indeed. Still needs some improving, though, but it's certainly

What I was talking about is the rfkill switch. That switch has a
little knob sticking out. One could operate this directly (which
is how it works in the Anelok-CR2032 prototype) but the usual
approach is to have a piece of custom-made plastic that sits on
top of that knob and that presents an outside surface compatible
with the overall industrial design of the device.

Maybe I should call it just "knob", to avoid confusing it with
the touch slider.

> I do, and I'm happy to help if you tell me how. :-)

Excellent, thanks ! I still have to make a model designed for
printing, so that'll be in a few days.

The CAD model I have at the moment is mainly for exploring the
geometry and lacks features a real case would need, i.e., in CAD,
all the components are happy to just float in space exactly where
I tell them to go. Alas, this sort of magic doesn't translate
well to real life ...

- Werner

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