Anelok: towards KiCad 4

Werner Almesberger werner at
Sat Jan 16 03:21:30 UTC 2016

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> My main problem with OpenGL is that for some reason it doesn't draw any
> circles.

Interesting. No problems with that here. Tried filled pads,
non-copper circles, solder mask around circular pads, and trace
ends if in outline mode. All the circles and discs look right
in OpenGL.

> (legacy and cairo; not seeing circles is unacceptable),

Oh, Cairo. That is where things get painfully slow for me, again.
Perhaps the reason for having three different canvas modes is that
one has a better chance to find at least one that works ;-)

> Is there any reason to
> keep it disabled, or to enable it?

KiCad is the only program where I noticed a problem with having the
EXAPixmaps enabled. I have problems with the pixmaps of tooltips
in Chromium being shifted (and thus partially garbled) on my Radeon,
which may or may not be related to EXAPixmaps being turned off. But
just closing and re-opening the tooltip corrects this, so it's not
too much of a nuisance.

> Oh, I didn't know they added scripting support.  That could be useful.

If you get KiCad from bzr, there are two examples in

It's a little chatty, but better than nothing.

Some more quirks I found with KiCad 4, all still in eeschema:

- one line drawing inexplicably moved, and in another one, a line
  segment disappeared. Strange.

- now that all the footprint data moved into the schematics, any
  previously empty "Footprint" field that had visibility turned on
  will proudly display the footprint name.

- the rendering quality of text is a little worse than it used to
  be. Maybe we lost anti-aliasing.

Next: work up the courage to run ERC.

- Werner

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