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Not a New NanoNote: ELLO 2M

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Thu Jun 9 16:44:11 UTC 2016


I thought I'd post this and get flamed anyway. Someone brought the following 
Crowd Supply project to my attention very recently:


The NanoNote connection is somewhat tenuous but still interesting: it's an 
open hardware design, has a keyboard and screen (and thus isn't yet another 
"headless" single-board computer), and it uses a microcontroller in the MIPS-
based PIC32 family as its CPU. It isn't at the same level of sophistication as 
the Ben, but I guess it shows off some interesting common aspects of how such 
products are designed and made.

The whole PIC32 phenomenon is interesting to observe. Although we're talking 
about things with relatively little RAM - 128K or 512K in this case - they 
tend to have more RAM than the average ARM microcontroller (and obviously much 
more than the ubiquitous AVR stuff turned out by Arduino, Adafruit and so on). 
That's been enough to let people run Unix variants like RetroBSD on PIC32 


Another Crowd Supply campaign that was also pointed out is this one:


That one seems to want to play in the Anelok space. ;-)


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