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Ben Nanonote - Emacs and Alternate OSes

Eastern Daylight Time edt at airmail.cc
Mon Jun 20 00:23:31 UTC 2016

Hey guys,

I know this isn't a high-volume mailing list or anything, so this
topic isn't liable to generate an enormous amount of discussion, but I
figure if I'm likely to get the chance to talk to anyone else actively
using the nanonote it's probably going to be here or on the IRC.

I'm relatively new to using the Nanonote, and though I'm not really a
hardware guy (that's threatening to change with something like this
device) I see a lot of potential in the device for solid use.  I know
emacs has been ported to the nanonote, and see that the qi hardware
wiki page on software included has it listed, but even though I
flashed my nanonote using the wiki's instructions it's not on there.
Since a lot of what I do with computers is through emacs (I like the
unified interface with text it provides, and it's a cool lisp machine
on its own) I was wondering how it would be easiest to install on the

Another thing I'm holding under consideration is running Debian or
Gentoo (the MIPS ports of either) on my nanonote.  Anyone have any
experience with either?  Thoughts?

Best Wishes,

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