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Anelok: battery contacts (1/2) (was Re: Anelok: current out of Vbat)

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Sun Mar 27 02:00:53 UTC 2016

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> You have to design the case anyway.  I would expect that the case is the
> battery holder, so you only need to insert the contacts.

The tricky bit is finding suitable contacts. Well, since I hadn't
picked contacts just yet, I went on a search ...

I found five different types:

1) PCB-mounted, SMT. Alas, they all have the battery above the
   contact, not on the side. A side-facing contact would be very
   nice to have, also solving the issue of how the battery
   contacts connect to the PCB.

   For AAAA, this exists:
   Alas, they're too small to even try with AAA.

2) PCB-mounted, through-hole. Some are fairly bulky and some seem
   to be just contacts used in battery holders with a plastic base,

   Holder (1075):

   Positive contact (1075-1):

   Negative contact (1075-2):

   These might actually fit. Alas,  the 1075-2 is completely

3) Slide-in. They slide into a slot in the case. There are several
   types of terminals. In our case, we'd need cables. Example:

4) Snap-on. Similar to slide-in, but they snap over a wall in the
   case. Example:

I also found something quite remarkable, bare contacts for coin


I've been wondering for years why the industry didn't offer something
as simple as this as an off-the-shelf product. Now it finally does.

Next, details.

- Werner

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