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Anelok: snippets

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Sat Apr 22 05:14:17 UTC 2017

This is about the format of the small series of posts about Anelok
I make to the list. They are kind of a newsletter for the project.

I love plain text. It's easy to write, doesn't need fancy browsers
to display, looks more or less the same no matter what you use to
visualize it, and you can do a lot with it.

I also love to illustrate things with pictures or diagrams. Alas,
the best I can do with plain text, besides ASCII-art, is to include
URLs that point to these pictures. Unfortunately, this means that
the reader has to stop reading and click on the link (or copy and
paste the link into a browser) to see the picture. 

But maybe we can do a little better. I don't like markup languages,
since they tend to be overly ambitious, while all I want is to make
it a little easier to access these pictures.

So I came up with a script that HTMLizes mails, converts anything
that looks like a link into a HTML hyperlink, adds a small preview
image for each image that's linked from the mail, and adds a few
minor enhancements to make the structure of the mini-thread clearer.

The (unfinished) script is here:

As an example, I converted the last two threads on the list with it.

This is the "power-only fixture" etc. thread:

This is the "Mk 3 running on battery" thread:

What do you think ? Hate it ? Love it ? Meh ?

- Werner

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