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Anelok: Web-based simulator

Werner Almesberger werner at almesberger.net
Mon May 8 02:57:28 UTC 2017

I made the Web-based simulator a little prettier, by placing the
simulator's OLED display into a drawing of the Anelok device.
Buttons are now operated by clicking on the respective button in
the drawing. Almost feels like the real thing :-)

The location is still the same:

Note: if you've tried the simulator before and it still looks the
same (i.e., you don't see the case around the panel), then you may
have to clear the browser cache. In Chromium that would be with
Customize and Control > More tools > Clear browsing data
Only "Cached images and files" need to be erased, all the other
data can stay.

Since things get slow with pixel doubling, I changed it to 1:1.
This means that the display can be difficult to read. In this
case, uncheck "Lock/hide mouse pointer", make sure "Resize canvas"
is not checked, then click on "Fullscreen".

- Werner

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