On the price of NanoNote.

   I'm looking at doing discounts for community members who head up projects
   and those who make key contributions, like kernel work.

  Those discounts may be immediate or I can put them into the second product.
  For example, contributors get a special deal on all subsequent nanonote products.


On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 5:26 AM, Wolfgang Spraul <wolfgang@qi-hardware.com> wrote:

> I am also quite interested.  I am currently writing a new kernel for the
> Trendtac (also known as Skytone alpha 400 and 10000 other names; it has
> a jz4730).  I would be very interested to put it on such an open
> platform as the NanoNote.

Yes, developing a kernel for one of the many other devices that have an
Ingenic SoC is definitely going to help us at Qi too.
We should just unite our efforts somehow.
Right now as I've described in my earlier mail we are using OpenWrt and the
kernel patches are inside that tree.
Not sure how far your system is from OpenWrt integration and whether you
can co-work in that tree.

We could also use a 'stand-along' Ingenic kernel repository somewhere, if
that would allow us to join efforts with other Ingenic kernel hackers.
Yajin Zhou has an Ingenic kernel over at his www.vm-kernel.org site. But
I believe it's based on 2.6.24.
We are trying to get to more recent kernel versions asap, I believe our
2.6.28 kernel (patches in OpenWrt) already boots.

> So is it possible to get a development version?  Wat does it cost?

All our products are equally hackable, so no special development version.
Sales will start in around 2 months, I believe. Cost don't know - Steve?

> And is there better documentation that what Ingenic provides (my main source
> of information is currently the Linux source code)?

We are meeting with the CEO of Ingenic regularly, I just had a meeting with him
a few days ago. We are _intensively_ working on better documentation. Stay
tuned. Better documentation is the key requirement for us to have a strategic
relationship with Ingenic. They are definitely listening. Whether they will act
remains to be seen :-)

> If things work out with my kernel, might it be an option to provide it
> with the device as a default system?


Best Regards,

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