I'll just comment on the SmartQ5. I was unable to find out if they did Copyleft hardware
    and could not determine if their roadmap was open, so it's a little hard to do a product
    comparison. Also, it wasn't clear if the device was available outside of china. Things
   like return policies, CE, FCC, spares, support for a community. Our hope is that
   the open source community finds value in the work we are doing to create a new
   kind of hardware company. One where they have a say in the roadmap. Otherwise,
   you are left with the option of hoping somebody builds the open device you want.
   As we get closer to launch

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 7:10 AM, W.G. van de Hulst <suyckerbol@gmail.com> wrote:
2009/7/26, Steve Mosher <steve@qi-hardware.com>:
>  If folks want a number to run with, I'll say the NanoNote to non developers
> will be $149.00 USD ( probably less once I get final costing)
Well, I hope it will turn out to be much lower, because I don't see
how you can otherwise compete against the likes of a SmartQ5 or Cube
B53WIFI. I thought you were going Asus EEEPC (high volume, low price)
given your choice of the jz4720, rather than Gdium.

Or is this including a WiFi card?

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