> Yeah, that's definitely my first step.  In the past I've modified 5l to
> generate the format of image expected by the target platform and verified
For arm, maybe easier, for mips, lots work to be done i think,
especially in native mode.

What is it about MIPS that would make it a lot more work than for ARM?

> that I could generate code that I could download and run, usually just to
> flash an LED.  I figure on doing the same here, with 0c/0a/0l (though maybe
> with the buzzer if there's no LED I can directly control).  Once I get to
> that point, then I'm on to the real work of porting.
I suggest that you can use uart0 for low level print. You just need to
solder the
uart0 pins, under the battery, to a RS232 TTL converter and run minicom.

Once I get the toolchain working in a way that I understand and can control, then the move from LED/buzzer to textual interface is one of the first steps.
And u-boot console could be a good start too, you can do a lot of things in it.

Sounds good.  Since I haven't gotten the unit yet, I haven't had a chance to play with it, but I'll definitely look into that.