Interesting-- thanks for keeping us posted!

On Jul 22, 2010 9:49 AM, "Werner Almesberger" <> wrote:

Good news: the monster scan of the Ben's behind at 0.1 mm resolution
finally completed. The application gave me a bit of a scare this
morning, when it didn't respond once the scan was done, but it came
to after about half an hour. Phew.

It's the third one in the top row at

Sharism are also sending me some unassembled case parts, which will
be of great help for making the component-by-component scans. (It's
virtually impossible to separate an assembled Ben into all the

I'm now doing a few scans of the Ben's bottom with the battery
cover removed. This would be useful for making docking stations or
test fixtures. Next in line will be a view from the top. By the
time this is done, the case parts should have arrived, and I'll
proceed with them.

Besides these systematic scans, there are also a few unsystematic
ones I made to gather information for the counterweight and IDBG.
The larger ones only go to X/Y resolutions of 500 um, but I made
some detail scans of points of interest at 100 um.

- Werner

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