On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 20:08, Erwin Josť Lopez Pulgarin <erwinkendo@gmail.com> wrote:
PS. Does not E17 support SDL on fb?

I believe so, the Enlightment library is very flexible in that means.

Good work and congrats!

Enlightenment itself uses the subproject evas for graphical output, its API reference mentions this:
It's small and lean, designed to work on embedded systems all the way to large and powerful multi-cpu workstations. It can be compiled to only have the features you need for your target platform if you so wish, thus keeping it small and lean. It has several display back-ends, letting it display on several display systems, making it portable for cross-device and cross-platform development.

(found here:†http://docs.enlightenment.org/auto/evas/†)
I'm really hopeful.