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From: Bas Wijnen

Sent: 06/07/11 03:05 PM

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Subject: Re: tuner problems

Op 07-06-11 08:26, Jane Andreas schreef: 
> Lingot was surpisingly almost there, but after enabling the mic, it 
> would APPEAR to work for about 30 secs and then would say "reading from 
> audio interface failed: broken pipe" 

I think this means lingot is too heavy for the Ben. 

That may be, but I have trouble seeing how this program is heavier than the sdlQuake that runs with decent framerate on the same hardware...hmmm 

> GTKguitune seemed to be working, only the useful part of the interface, 
> the part that shows the current and target frequencies, is cut off due 
> to screen size. 

That's easily fixed. I've attached a trivial patch to swap the left and 
right side of the interface, so the interesting parts are on the left. 
Then part of the graph will fall off, which is fine. 

I haven't tried to make packages for Ben yet, so I'm leaving it to 
someone else to actually apply this patch to the package.