Okay thanks for the feedback, it was very helpful. And yes it will be fine to upload the original. I've also made another video, (I added a cc-by bumper at the beginning) about USB Booting (very basic, I know.) I also tried to render the videos in .ogg, but it didn't work for some reason, so they're in mpg2 at the moment. You can download the video original video here: http://www.mediafire.com/?0kbvbxyydw9lds2
And the USB Boot tutorial here: http://www.mediafire.com/?s2gg0w2rjbbnnom

David, you raised an issue about the sound, I'm not sure why that is, as it works fine when I play it on youtube. There is a bit of a stutter right at the beggining, that was just a quirk of the video editor I was using (Kdenlive)

The rotating Ben is a 3D model I made on Blender3D. The textures were from photos I took of my own Ben. The blue patch (and there is also a red dot) is just light in the original photo. I might refine the model for future videos.

About Joe being the default editor...oops, that was a bit of a mistake. When I was recording it just seemed like the right thing to say :P I might go ahead and change it in the re-upload. Thanks for the correction :)


On Sat, 2011-06-18 at 13:44 +0000, Wolfgang Spraul wrote:
seriously this is awesome!
I believe this is the first Ben NanoNote tutorial video...
(David: I could hear the audio just fine playing directly from youtube)

Before giving you feedback on the video itself, would it be acceptable
for you to upload the original (.avi or whatever you had) to some place
and confirm that you license it under cc-by or a similar free license?
That would allow me to convert it to Ogg Theora, upload to the Qi wiki
and embed on pages there... If you don't have a good upload place, I can
create a people folder on downloads.qi-hardware.com for you and you can
upload it there (please email me your ssh public key in that case).

About the video:

I really love how calm you do the whole thing. So relaxing compared to
many other over-the-top videos.

The beginning and end sequence with the rotating Nano is nice, how did
you do this (which program)? I noticed a blue patch on the back of the
NanoNote when it rotates, not sure why that is so.

The next thing that struck me is how you admit right away that you
"don't know" why one network interface ends in .100 and one in .101.
We need more of this type of tutorial. I'm like this too, all the time.
Every day I face so many things that are new to me, and I just
"don't know" what's going on - but somehow we continue, right? Cool!

"joe is the default text editor for the Ben NanoNote"
Don't say that :-) Believe it or not, the Ben NanoNote launched as a
'dedicated vi device', but of course you are free to call joe the
default editor... :-)

"Like OpenWrt, whatever that is - OpenWord"
As before, I like how you pull forward through the video. Why not?
OpenWrt is cryptic indeed. I also don't know the proper pronounciation
of stdio.h btw...

.exe extension for executable file is unusual I'd say.

Bottom line: Very nice video, very very nice. If you streamline
the production a little on your side, maybe you can make more?

With your style of how you jump into unknown areas, and somehow
pull out again, I'm sure both new and old NanoNote users will enjoy
your videos very much...

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