I would love a rockbox mp3 player

On Mar 1, 2013 7:34 PM, "lee jones" <slothpuck@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello all!

First of all sorry if I make any mistakes or errors in this, as I'm no
hardware or software expert!

I've read through the ya nanonote thread and been following this for a
little while now off-and-on.

Me personally I must say I quite like the ben nanonote overall. It has
quite a good battery life and for its size I cannot even think of
another device which is even remotely similar. Those are pretty good.

One thought did occur to me though. If the ya nanonote is not going to
be possible how's about doing something like this for the interim
perod until a new device is made. First of all .... well, are there
any large quantities of ben nanonotes still lying about unsold at all?
 Would it be worth upgrading and selling them?

Here's the idea - and I don't know if it is at all possible. How's
about (say) doing an upgrade to the existing (unsold) ben nanonotes,
let's say do something important such as (say) removing the usb
controller chip and making it a usb host chip. Then prehaps - say
50-50 you sell half the upgraded nanonotes  as - let's say "nanonote+"
and the others you sell the boards so others can upgrade existing
nanonotes, with the screens/cases/keyboards/batteries being kept back
as spares. Good or bad idea, or not possible?

But going back to the ya nanonote if some hardware should ever emerge
for it that would be good :) . Only thing I'd wish for is half decent
battery life and some sort of CPU which isn't horribly slow as soon as
you use it. This seems to be the problem with a lot of ARM based
devices (the other problem being mandatory propietary drivers) - take
your pick -- cheapo chinese tablets, netbooks, arm computers on a usb
stick they all have similar problems.

It is possible though to produce some sort of usuable computer which
is reasonably good, has wifi, usb host, decent battery etc. Just look
at the open pandora. While it isn't 100% on being exactly open, it
does have all those things. I bought one of these, one of the old
256MB early devices the first ones made a few years back now and it
proves very useful being a) small and b) long battery life.

One last thought though. If it's impossible to go for a ya nanonote
for the future, how's about going in a different direction and making
a differernt device. How's about (say) a media player/recorder device
but which can have USB devices attached. I'm thinking of something
very roughly along the lines of the old sansa e200 music players.
Indeed thse older players run an open source program called "rockbox"
which can supplant the propietary firmware (to an extent).

Imagine a device which could then run either rockbox or gnu/linux, but
be a tiny music player/recorder but which could then interface up via
USB (host). Such a tiny device could double up as a note taker and
music player. Anyway, just a thought going 'round my mind.


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