On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 10:44 PM, Werner Almesberger <werner@almesberger.net> wrote:
Christoph Pulster wrote:
> I have 3 units left in stock, after this the Nanonote is past.

This is sad news. I tried a number of times to find out about
the 1000+ Bens that should at some point of time still have
existed in the warehouse of a fulfillment center in Hong Kong,
but my enquiries were ignored.

Rakshat Hooja mentioned that www.idasystems.net still had some
70 units. It may not be very convenient for individual buyers
to get things from India, especially considering that payment
is only via SWIFT, but maybe you could consider getting some of
these to make them more accessible.

As Werner mentioned, I have 70 odd Nanonotes in stock but am not really full time focusing on the Idasystems shop these days. I would be happy to sell these to people who may be able to use them for productive use at a reasonable price (We had paid USD 95 per unit to Sharism and I was thinking thinking of USD 90 as the price. SO a small loss for me but people have nanonotes in their hands).

There are two issues with this. Payment via SWIFT bank transfer involves dealing with a bank and shipping costs/import duties can add to the cost of the Nanonote. 

I had a few ideas to work around this but am also open to suggestions:

a) If enough people are interested, I can open an Paypal account (not very keen on this but it is one way to accept credit cards)

b) If there is enough interest for a group buy of over 20 units in a particular country/ address, I would be happy to cover shipping costs at my end

c) If any other distributor is willing to take the entire stock (minus a couple of units, which I will keep for sentimental reasons) I would be willing to negotiate to a lower price)

d) I would also be willing to exchange nanonotes with with other interesting  openish hardware projects (like exchange few nanonotes for a pandora or neo900 or GTA04. Not yet sure how this will work, I am still at the thinking stage)

I would be happy to hear your thought. If you are purchasing, you may not wish to flood the list so my email is rakshat@idasystems.net




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