Something to consider would beĀ  a two level hierarchy rather than one flat file.

clustering entries into a few buckets means shorter searches for a given logon credential.

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On Jan 13, 2015 4:34 AM, "Paul Boddie" <> wrote:
On Tuesday 13. January 2015 04.34.57 Werner Almesberger wrote:
> Paul Boddie wrote:
> > I like the availability of both tapping and sliding, the former being
> > useful when the latter starts to get impractical (perhaps due to an
> > excess of credentials to manage).
> Hmm, I'm more thinking of the opposite use case: slide for large
> distances, tap if you're just one or two entries away.

So was I, but I think I didn't communicate that very well. ;-)

What I meant was that with a lot of items in the menu, you need to cover a lot
of ground quickly, and that's where sliding is useful, but the relative
imprecision of sliding needs to be complemented with another mechanism, which
is what you provide tapping for.

Initially, I thought you'd effectively provided a physical scrollbar, but from
what you've written, I guess it's more like a scrollwheel, which is a good
compromise and would work a lot more nicely with long menus.


> Getting all these parameters right will certainly require some more
> fiddling. At the moment, the biggest nuisance is the automatic
> calibration of the sensor (fw/2014/touch.c:normalize) that kicks in
> whenever there is fairly static input for a while, the idea being
> that this means that the sensor is idle.
> Alas, the algorithm can sometimes be fooled to calibrate while the
> sensor is being actuated (or exposed to some temporary distortion of
> the field), which means that sensing will be very confused for a
> while. The problem sorts itself out by just letting Anelok rest for
> something like half a minute, but still ...

Yes, all the usual fun of working with sensors!


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