That really looks lika a final production product! I wish I've some spare time to help at least with the software part :(

On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 8:47 AM, Werner Almesberger <> wrote:
Fresh from the workshop: Anelok in a painted case. With the LED off:

and on:

Note that the transparent border is quite wide on the long sides of
the case. This is because I tweaked this case for the 2014 PCB
layout. With a 2015 board, the border is 0.5 mm narrower on each

Since the LED currently just shines through a hole in the paint into
the bezel (which is fairly thick at that point), there is a massive
light leak on the side:

Let's market this as a security feature :)

Alas, it seems that the OLED didn't like all the abuse it had to
endure (this board was before in the very tight 2014 case, which
bent the FPC in very nasty ways) and developed a flaw:

It seems that two rows in the middle of the OLED somehow get
averaged. The flaw maintains its position when scrolling, and also
appears with content that does not contain the cursor, so this looks
like a genuine hardware problem.

- Werner

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