Interested in running debian on jz4760

Xiangfu Liu xiangfu at
Thu Mar 8 09:09:43 EST 2012

On 03/08/2012 07:37 PM, Miguel Amez wrote:
> Hi list!
> This is my first post on this list. My name is Miguel Amez. I have
> bought a mini-pc from china from the company netcomputer ltd. The
> model in this company is NC700. The board that it is based on is
> JZ4760 from ingenics. I have downloaded your USB Tools' source code,
> fixed some compilation problems with visual studio 2010 and finally
> compiled the program. When I executed the program, I had some
> questions: 1. How should I connect my pc to the board for
> transferring the kernel to the nand-flash of the board? It has a mini
> USB port. Should I connect my PC to the board through this

Hi Miguel Amez

I think so. just try to connect to the mini usb port. there should be one
option that boot the board to USB BOOT mode. you needs find out how to
boot the board to USB BOOT mode, usually it short two pins.

here is the latest usbboot tools from Ingenic:

> connector? 2. Do you know if there is a patch of linux kernel for
> this board? I've visited ingenic's ftp and there it says that there
> is a kernel patch for jz4760B on this url:
> 3. I would like

for NC700. I don't know. we are most working on JZ4740 cpu. for reflash
and debug. you needs find out how the NAND flash(or others)
connect to the CPU and the serial console.

> to run linux debian on this board for vdi purposes. Do you have any
> information about this?

most of the work is make linux working. :-)

> Regards, Miguel Amez

I think I miss your email.(can't find it anymore), sorry about that.
you can send me again. or send to this list. thanks


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