Hoped for the best, feared the worst, got something inbetween

As most of you guys might have read on the boards already, Michael didn't give a green light to the case production.

As this might disappoint a lot of you, I'm actually quite happy. Sure, it would've been cool if we just managed to ship the Pandoras just-in-time for christmas, but that would've been the best case.
The worst case would've been that the DPad doesn't work very well (tweaking that can be awkward) or the most complicated mould which took so much tweaking time would be so bad it had to be redone completely.

While the case isn't good enough for mass production yet, the changes that need to be done are so minimal, that I'm really happy - 'cause it means we're almost done.

Here's what's wrong:

* The lower part has a tiny bit of shrinkage on the back edge, but we already knew about that and it has been fixed at the factory already (so basically, this is a non-issue)
* The LCD cable slot is TIGHT, it needs to be more open to make assembly faster (although it does work in the current form but is fiddly to get though). And while this is a small fix, it is definately the main reason we didn't give the green light - as it would've made assembly much more time intensively. With 10.000 cases, it would take more additional time to assemble them than the tweaking of the case could possibly take.
* The shoulder buttons need a tweak to be perfect (travel distance feels as if it needs to be a fraction more for better feedback). This isn't that important - but when we need to change other stuff too, then we can do that small tweak, too.
* Plus some shaving here and there internally which the factory told us to expect to be needed.

Apart from the shoulder buttons these issues are on one piece, the lower base. The most complicated part of the case is actually fine, which is really cool.

Additionally,  Michael posted a nice video with all five Pandoras he built so far - all doing various things.


I'll continue with my OS snippets as soon as I find some more time... hopefully next week, though I've got a lot of real life work to do right now. 

URL: http://www.open-pandora.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=142%3Ahoped-for-the-best-feared-the-worst-got-something-inbetween&catid=2%3Ablog&Itemid=2&lang=en